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House Number Vinyl Door Decals
Why do you need a house number? When I first thought of doing house number decals, it hadn't occurred to me how important they are! The number one (sorry for the pun) reason is safety! If your number isn't prominently displayed, how will emergency services find you? Even with high tech gadgets, seeing that house number is still the fastest way for anyone to find your home. Why not make it easy for friends, family, deliveries and those very important emergency situations to find you as quick as possible by having your number on your house, your door, and your mailbox.

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House Numbers for Your Door
Vinyl Wall Decal

Did You Know? In Japan and South Korea, the houses are labelled in the order in which they were constructed, or clockwise around the block. (Wikipedia: House Numbering)
  • My Biggest Design Challenge: Choosing numbers from font styles that have a consistent baseline so each design will fit a standard size area.
  • My Most Fun: Thinking up themes. I have a whole list I haven't gotten to design yet.
  • Application Rating: Easy – Just make sure your surface is clean. Dust and loose particals (like cracking peeling paint) can interfere with the adhesion. Stains or marks that are not on the surface shouldn't be a problem. Also, anytime when you're applying decals outdoors, choose a moderate climate, 60ยบ or higher and too hot.
  • Creative Home Decor Uses: Number decals can be used most anywhere there's a smooth, clean surface inside or outside. They can be cut any size, or I can even stack the number so they can be applied to a porch post. Work excellent Mailboxes too!
  • Just for Fun: Numerology – What your House Number Means

Some of my house number designs are very decorative. If you need your decal for good identification of your home, choose one that has bold, plain numbers.

Victorian Style Custom House Number Vinyl Door Decal

This is one of my favorite designs. It's decorative, but still bold and readable.

All these designs were SO much fun! I want to design so many more.

 Floral Style Custom House Number Door Decal 

This floral themed design is the most viewed one in my shop.

 Below are my Sports Themed designs.
For big sports fans, why not announce it to guests at the door!

Football Sports Design Custom House Number Vinyl Door Decal 

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  1. I'm a big fan of the simple white on the blue door. It has a simple elegance to it. The flowers add a nice touch too. The others seem like a kid's fort type numbering I guess I'd be looking for an actual decal to use for the house.