What is a Mandala?

All mandala designs shown in this article are my own creations and are available for purchase as wall decals.

I have a whole series of wall decal designs I call Mandalas. But what is a mandala?

For me its simply a way to describe my designs that have a beautiful, mesmerizing, repeating pattern of often intricate and lacy shapes in a circular motion. Other names I use for similar designs are kaleidoscope, pinwheel, and doily.

But there are many more deeper meanings to mandala as can be read in these articles…

Twistmo Original Mandala Designs
The Mandala Project:
The word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean circle…

Tibetan Healing Mandala
The Tibetan mandala is a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion and generally is depicted as a tightly balanced, geometric composition…
Twistmo Original Mandala Designs
Mandalas have been the focus of meditation, contemplation and admiration for years too numerous to count. Since before the dawn of recorded history, humanity's intimate connection to the mandala has been a vibrant link to our universal ancestry....

More fun Mandala designs…

A Giant Mandala Made From The Logos Of Mega Brands

Mandalas by Three Eye Studio

Mandala Art Plates

Mystical Art of Peace
Twistmo Mandala Car

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