Farmhouse Style Animal Wall Hangings Add Timeless Warmth to Your Home Decor

Do you remember the traditional striped pillow and mattress ticking?
It brings back SO many warm fuzzies for me. My favorite is memories of my Grandmother's big feather mattress. My cousins and I would all pile into bed on a chilly fall evening and cozy down into all that fluff, giggling and laughing until we fell asleep!

 Farm Animals Wall Hangings
Cow & Calf Wall Hanging
Along with my fond memories of the farm I grew up on, I've created my series of farm animals and other original silhouettes and applied them to that traditional navy blue ticking. Pigs, cows, horses, chickens, llama, and more! These wall hangings are not just a digital printed canvas, they're actual stretched fabric with heat-set vinyl silhouettes I design and apply myself.

Adds a wonderful warm touch to a baby nursery, kitchen, or bathroom.

Hang them separately, in pairs, or groups of three or four to make a real impact.

 Farm Animals on Blue Ticking
From Pigs to Bunnies and lots in between!

 Twistmo Cute Calf Wall Hanging
This darling calf would be sweet in a baby's room.

 Expertly Wrapped Canvas Corners
Expertly wrapped corners.

 Wall Hangings by
Handmade by ME,

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